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About us

Pirells Innovative delivers innovatory solutions in respect of providing high quality marketing products, printing materials and specialized bindery services in B2B sector.


Constant changes on global markets motivate us to new ideas which drive us forward to be always one step ahead of competition.


QSC in Pirells Innovative covers defined processes regarding pricing, customer service, production and packaging, shipments that are monitored and verified by specialized employees responsible only for quality control.

Human resources

Investment in human resources is a strategic investment of the company therefore the greatest value of Pirells Innovative are its employees – uality of human resources directly results in a capability to meet our contractors’ requirements.


Burgopak is a resiliently developing company that was created in 2002.It consists of a design and a graphic studio, and production. Burgopak has subsidiaries in Great Britain, Germany, Australia, United States of America and more



provides unlimited possibilities for creating products with three-dimensionalelements. POP-UP proves to be an interesting and outstanding way of presenting products or services provided by a company.Read more



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02 04/15

Pirells Innovative rozpoczął współpracę z Amstore

Pirells Innovative rozpoczął współpracę z Amstore. Jest to firma produkcyjna...
06 12/13

We have introduced electronic temperature control

Now we are able to guarantee fixed temperature between 15 and 23 Celsius degrees. We...
22 11/13

Estimote in cooperation with Pirells Innovaive

created a new pack for their extraordinary beacons. The idea of the packs was for it...


We care about your surroundings

Thanks to the implemented procedures Pirells Innovative limits the negative influence of the production on our environment.
We tend to choose and propose to our customers materials and production techniques that are no threat to the environment. We support balanced development and contribute to the idea of ‘green world’.

Health and Safety

We care about your surroundings

As a company we are committed to creating safe working places.
We place emphasis on OHS trainings and a proper awareness of our employees so in order to avoid injuries. All our activities result from a deep belief that a good state of mind of our employees and our close relatives is a key aspect of friendly work environment.


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