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Tel.: +48 25 682 06 50
Fax: +48 25 682 06 52


We believe that the ability to reach targets is the result of accepting and following key values by each one of us. We act in an honest and ethic manner. We treat each other with respect and dignity.We respect self-esteem of others as far as professional and private life is concerned. We keep our promises. When selecting suppliers worldwide we pay attention to whether they follow labor rights, do not take advantage of under-age work and act according to the law. We respect gender, religion and background diversity.

We are open and honest towards our customers and suppliers. We treat our employees as our greatest value.We respect intellectual property rights.We have a savage policy regarding acquisition and management of classified information so that each of our contractors shall feel secure. Pirells Innovative runs its business in a safe and ethic manner in a way that each process participant is satisfied, which results in higher quality of our services.


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