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About Burgopak

Burgopak is a resiliently developing company that was created in 2002. It consists of a design and a graphic studio, and production. Burgopak has subsidiaries in Great Britain, Germany, Australia, United States of America and Japan.

The originator of an innovative sliding mechanism on which Burgopak packaging is based was Burgo Wharton - Burgopak Creative Director. He came up with the idea during college while being fascinated about POP-UP books for kids and origami. He placed a patent application and in 1998 was granted the patent - at the beginning exclusively for the territory of Great Britain and then in many other countries around the world. As packaging developed, Burgopak spread patents on various newer versions and production processes. Burgopak patent is very extensive as it covers not only packaging for various products but also different materials that can be used for production of such a packaging.

The first large Burgopak order was 165,000 CD boxes for the 2003 Coldplay album. Since then the company has revolutionized the production, project creation process and invested in new equipment.
The next great success was Motorola and O2 packagings. Since then Burgopak has produced millions of patented packaging pieces for many well-known companies.

In 2004 Burgopak developed its business starting an office in Germany and in 2007 was introduced in Japan. In 2012 Burgopak stared production in Poland working together with Pirells Innovative. Pirells Innovative is responsible for its entireproduction works - printing, assembly and shipment of ready items if needed.

It is also Pirells Innovative who is the licensed supplier of Burgopak products in Poland.



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