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POP-UP – what is it?

Since 2012 in its offer Pirells Innovative has an innovative marketing product - POP-UP. It is a marketing solution that integrates a traditional production method - print with paper engineering. POP-UP provides unlimited possibilities for creating products with three-dimensionalelements. POP-UP proves to be an interesting and outstanding way of presenting products or services provided by a company.

Our technologists create mechanisms for new ideas and later adjust them to certain advertising campaigns and customers’ budgets so that they interest and influence the sales growth.

Each project is created with passion - individually for each product or brand or adjusted to existing advertising campaign branding.


Pirells Innovative runs the POP-UP project in a complex way. We create the project, print, assemble and distribute it. Thanks to designers, engineers and technologists who are a great, integrated team, we create products that attract our potential customer and become unforgettable due to unique solutions we implement.


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