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Tel.: +48 25 682 06 50
Fax: +48 25 682 06 52

Specialized bindery


Pirells Innovative provides specialized bindery services of highest quality. Works that require precision, time and thoroughness are our specialty. Our employees who are well-trained in manual works are the greatest value of our company. We carefully analyze each work and select the most suitable production scheme. The production line is always planned in a most efficient way so that we are able to meet even very short deadlines. Depending on the customer’s demand and requirements such deadlines are possible also with very complicated projects.

We complete projects for international companies who value

  • our high quality,
  • flexibility of the approach to the production
  • and our work.

Our weekly capacity:

Inserting 600 000 pcs
Glueing with tape 660 000 pcs
Glueing with glue 420 000 pcs
Shrinkwrapping 24 000 pcs


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