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Burgopak Health & Technology

Since 2011 Burgopak have extended their business to products designed for supplements and pharmaceuticals. Most of the packagingis blister products however there are also other product lines in their offer. Currently a new product designed as a packaging for sachets is being implemented to the market. As for advantages of Burgopak products, undoubtedly one of the biggest ones is the functionality and integrity of the product with its packaging and at the same time with all the information essential for the patient - they are available whenever we want to take the medicine.

There may be various packaging options - one or two blister packaging. We are able to adjust the size of the packaging to blisters, pills quantity that are to be placed in the packaging or their type.

In 2008 Burgopak started a partnership with Bosh which resulted in creating a production machine for Burgopak products. The partnership was awarded Best New Partnership award in 2007. Up to date Burgopak owns two such machines - one located in the US and the other in Wales.

Due to perfectly organized production system Burgopak is capable of conducting large projects up to several millions of packaging pieces per year. Close collaboration of project agency and production partners results in packaging boxes that are:

PORTABLE - compact project that provides maximum protection for the product eliminating spare space, suitable for a modern customer who is constantly on the moveINTERESTING - unique place for imprint that provides extra space for brand information

- dynamic project that has an advanced closing/opening system that makes the packaging unforgettableCOMPACT - project that optimizes necessary space needed by the customer as well as at the sales point INNOVATIONS - project that integrates product, information and outer packaging.

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