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Robert Sabuda

Our adventure with POP-UPs has started from simple mechanisms. Paper engineering is full of patterns and rules that one needs to learn before creating the unique. While studying the tricks we often found works ofRoberta Sabudy. They become our greatest inspiration when designing our own POP-UPs.


Robert is a world famous creator of moving 3D books. His books are very popular in the US and are interesting not only to children. Robert is one of the most well-known designers in this field. Books such as The Night Before Christmas, Alice In Wonderland or The Wonderful Wizard of Oz are works of art that combine not only beautiful illustrations and interesting stories but also complicated mechanisms that make them unique and magic.


Meeting Robert and his wife Wendy gave us a chance to learn even more about POP-UPs. We do our best to advantage from their knowledge and experience so that our projects become more interesting.

While working on POP-UPs we often refer to Robert’s projects as we much appreciate his perfection and precision of each tiniest element that constitute a unique unit.


We recommend Robert’s web page where you can learn more about his work and POP-UPs:


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