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Tel.: +48 25 682 06 50
Fax: +48 25 682 06 52

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Pirells Innovative delivers innovatory solutions in respect of providing high quality marketing products, printing materials and specialized bindery services in B2B sector.Due to applying rules of creative business in our company the customers are provided with best quality services and goods.

We exceptionally offer highest class services including: on-time deliveries, flexibility and prompt responses to price enquiries.

We believe that quality and innovative design are as much important as the project itself, which is not only meant to be functional but also to increase the brand awareness and at the same time prove optimal as far as the production cycle is concerned.

Our team consists of specialists in print, design and marketing. Since we believe that diversity is the mother of most interesting projects, each member of our team has a different educational background and various professional experiences. We are a team of committed and passionate persons who are open to discussion not only among each other but also with our customers and therefore we are able to combine creative thinking with production knowledge


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